Directors Thoughts Dec 19, 2018, 11:00 PM

To the Mighty Bay Country Gentlemen and friends, making Barbershop fun again,

What a terrific gathering last Monday night! I don't know about you, but I had bunches of fun. Barry did a simply super job putting it all together. The food was great, and the singing, after the great job you all did on the December 9 show, I thought would just be sort of an afterthought, but WOW! We sang a whole bunch of carols, songs, and requests. I thought the highlight was "If I Ruled the World," directed by brother Bill. Holy smoke, I had no idea you guys knew that song like that. You sang the heck out of it. Another Fred King arrangement. We've gotta put that one back in, and how about when Dr. Mike came and after some raucous encouragement, sang in a quartet apparently after 10 years of not singing any barbershop. It was great to have both Bill and Mike singing again with the BCG. It was like one big Monday night chapter "meeting"—not "rehearsal," as we'll always emphasize just having fun singing, singing fundamentally better, and enjoying the fellowship of it. I loved how quartets were breaking out all over and all the laughter with the push-out quartets. You all just seemed to be enjoying the moment and each other. Our ladies being there only heightened the mood of the evening. When we meet again it will 2019. Christmas music will be over and we can continue learning the new songs. Each one was chosen to fill a slot in the "ideal" repertoire of fun songs to sing and fun songs for our audiences to listen to. Keeping it barbershop is foundational to what we do. We break out of that mold a bit with Freddie's arrangement of "Didn't We," but even so it's a solid number from the King. Of course, we'll brush up on the current music that you like to sing, and we'll be keeping the quartet stuff coming. Many years ago someone (I think it might have been District champ Bo Deibel) made up badges with the letters S.P.E.B.S.  S.A. inside a big "Q" with the admonition "Let's Put It Back." Way back then Bo could see the direction the Society was taking, which is far from what Hall and Cash first invited their friends to do. We honor our founders by encouraging barbershop quartet singing in Bel Air, Maryland. And it is more fun to follow their model. So, we'll see you all on Monday, January 7th at the church... same time, same place. In the meantime, have a blessed and wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!



Next Meeting will take place on

5/09/2022,From 7:30pm - 9pm @ Emmanual Episcopal Church @ 303 N. Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014.  

Here is a link to the google map for the park.

The church is located across the street from the Shoprite at the corner of Main Street and East Broadway.  You can park in the Shoprite parking lot, or in the gravel lot at the corner of Ellendale and Main street.  

All are welcome Male singers are encouraged to join us, or If you would like to just sit and listen you are welcome to do so as well.

(NOTE: This is us working on new material and Rehearsing)