Directors Nooz 3/1/2019

To the Mighty Bay Country Gentlemen and friends, making Barbershop fun again,

Nothing makes a director happier than a full house at a chapter meeting. We had to keep pulling chairs down off the rack last Monday. And nothing is more fun than to have a whole bunch of folks singing a whole bunch of Barbershop songs, in a bunch of quartets and push-out quartets, some tags, and just enjoying each other in a grand night of Barbershop harmony. Monday was that kind of night.

Plus, we had not just one Eberius, but TWO, as Mr. Eberius drove his son, Bill, to our meeting. Young Bill is continuing his recovery from surgery. How special it was to see Mr. Eberius in his old spot in the lead section! And young Bill looked great in his stylish arm sling. Mr. Bill just plain ol' looked great. Throughout the evening it tickled me to see both Bills reconnecting with old friends.

It was also birthday night and Dave Huntley outdid himself with some super delicious homemade eclairs that he got at the local grocery. Torryn Cousin almost got a ticket for speeding heading back to the table for seconds.

I'm so pleased that you men are learning your music so well. Some of these songs for our show aren't that easy (Peggy O'Neil and Brand New Gang, for example), and you're doinga super job with them. I appreciate your soaking up the stuff I'm giving you for improved singing—and it's showing all over the place. To me, doing this Barbershop thing has gotta be fun... and singing better makes it more fun. I sense you all can tell the singing's getting better.

We also announced on Monday, that Barry has registered us to entertain the audience with two songs on Saturday at the Southern Division Convention. It's appropriate that we asked them to score us too because we didn't it want it to look like we were scared of anything. I am VERY proud of what you're doing and proud to be your director!

Here're the details so you can plan ahead: The Southern Division Convention is in Baltimore at the Crowne Plaza Inner Harbor, 105 West Fayette Street, Baltimore 21201. We'll be entertaining them sometime on Saturday, June 1. They'll let us know what time they want us to sing when everyone is registered.

As for this coming Monday, we have a very special guest coming—Mr. Rick Taylor! You can always look forward to a fun evening when Rick is present—you never know quite what to expect. Rick is an International Quartet Medalist, coach, chorus director, MC extraordinaire and all-around funny (sort of) guy. He presently works for the BHS as National Development Director of Harmony Foundation. Be prepared for anything.

For the music for Monday, prepare the two songs we'll use to entertain the audience at the Convention: Ragtime Joe and Brand New Gang. Then we'll get thru as many of the 21 other songs as we can. We might also try to coerce Rick to sing the solo line of "Didn't We" with us, at least on the tag. But please don't let him know ahead of time.

I'm really looking forward to another great time with you this Monday. See ya then!



Next Meeting will take place on

5/09/2022,From 7:30pm - 9pm @ Emmanual Episcopal Church @ 303 N. Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014.  

Here is a link to the google map for the park.

The church is located across the street from the Shoprite at the corner of Main Street and East Broadway.  You can park in the Shoprite parking lot, or in the gravel lot at the corner of Ellendale and Main street.  

All are welcome Male singers are encouraged to join us, or If you would like to just sit and listen you are welcome to do so as well.

(NOTE: This is us working on new material and Rehearsing)